Flute Blanks for Native American Style Flutes

Our flute blanks are made from one piece of solid wood of select grade of mostly clear (no knots) lumber. Though mostly clear, some of the eastern cedar will have small tight knots that only add character to the wood.

Some of the advantages of a line bored flute blank over the traditional two piece glued together flute blanks offered by others are:

1- No failed glue joints
2- No glue squeeze-out
3- No glue seams down the sides of the flute
4- No possibility of air leaks
5- Less construction time
6- Less sanding time
7- More consistent bore size
8- Smooth bore inside
9- No warping or twisting of the wood
10- The wood grain is always matched on all sides

We will make the bore, the blow hole, the exit hole and the flue. We define the position and size of the TSH

(True Sound Hole) and cutting edge.

We take special orders at this time. We do custom work on request.

We may add other woods and bore sizes in the future but the ones listed below are the only ones available right now.

Pricing below is for blanks in square form.

 You may mix sizes and woods to obtain the best pricing possible for you.

Black Walnut , Eastern Cedar or select from the list of other woods,
15 1/2" long (5/8" bore for key of "C")
3 blanks, $54.00
16 or more blanks, $15.00 each
Mahogany, Black Walnut , Eastern Cedar or select from the list of other woods,
23" to 24" long (3/4" or 7/8 " bore for key of "F#", "G", "G#", or "A")
3 blanks, $54.00
16 or more blanks, $15.00 each

We will round the outside of these blanks and leave a flat nest area for an additional charge of $10.00 each.

Shipping and handling will be $18.00 for up to 5 blanks UPS ground.